What is Ultimate Parks Inc.?

Ultimate Parks Inc. is a company that was incorporated by members of OCUA to facilitate the purchase of land in order to develop fields for playing Ultimate! Basically we sold shares to generate enough capital to make a down payment on a piece of land south of Manotick Station.

The corporation issued 1000 shares to be sold at $200 per share. Initially we sold 550 shares which gave us enough capital to get things started. March 28, 1998 we purchased the land. It was an amazing effort and now we own 109 acres about 5 minutes away from the current sod farm.

The next step was to develop the land so we could play there. OCUA leased the land from UP Inc and they are looking after the development with some direction and funding from UP Inc. After a bid process, OCUA hired Ecoview to develop our site and things got started July 1 1998.

OCUA and UP Inc. are committed to developing the land in an environmentally sound manner. We are working with the developer, Ecoview, and Kemptville College on a research project examining sports grass and turf management. As turf management is traditionally known as an environmental offender they will study more environmentally friendly techniques. There is a stream running through our land. We are aiming to have the quality of water leaving our property higher than the quality of water entering it. We will be making use of our irrigation pond with natural wetlands and natural shoreline to work towards this.

Other initiatives that the league is working towards for the land development include:

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